With Covid-19, the various confinements and the development of teleworking, professional social networks have become extremely popular.

Between the first quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2022, the growth rate in the number of LinkedIn users is more than 35% to reach approximately 810 million users on the planet. To date, LinkedIn is the first professional social network in the world.

The arrival of a large number of users on this social network has brought out many content creators. 

Creating content is well known on more informal platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. This model has already proven itself on these social networks, so why not export it to other more formal networks?

Creators cultivate and grow their community by hosting their page, creating and sharing content. Influencing and creating content is an integral part of their business model, their communication policy and their development strategy. This is the “content marketing” model.

Some personalities talk about « Facebookization » of LinkedIn with more and more content aimed at the general public. However, the profiles of influencers on LinkedIn are not the same as those on other social networks.

On LinkedIn, influencers do not proceed in the same way to reach their community, their prospects. The profiles remain professional and the content neat.