As part of our survey of community managers, we asked CMs to find out their favorite social networks: the platforms that matter most to them and the ones on which they perform best (organic and paid posts).

Facebook still tops the rankings, closely followed by Instagram

The community managers surveyed rated the importance of the main social networks in their work. Despite a lack of interest among younger generations and a complex algorithm that does not facilitate the visibility of posts for brands, Facebook remains the favorite social network of CMs in 2021. But for how long?

Instagram could end up on the top step of the podium next year, because the gap is narrowing again this year. Indeed, Facebook has seen its popularity rating drop (-6 points compared to last year), while Instagram continues to be more and more important in the eyes of CMs (+2.6 points compared to 2020) . Like last year, LinkedIn consolidates its 3rd position (+4.4 points compared to last year).

YouTube overtakes Twitter, TikTok records good progress

This year, no doubt due to the « lockdown » effect, YouTube overtakes Twitter and climbs to 4th place, as 49% of respondents consider the video streaming platform important, compared to only 40.5% for Twitter (-11 points compared to last year). Pinterest still occupies 6th place in the ranking, followed very closely by the social network adored by Generation Z: TikTok. Unsurprisingly, the Chinese application, which is booming, once again recorded good progress (+6.7 points compared to 2020).

Snapchat in decline, overtaken by Twitch

Since the start of the pandemic, Twitch has opened up to a wider audience and brands have started to take more interest in it. We now find the platform in 8th position (+1.9 points compared to 2020), ahead of Snapchat.

Clubhouse, this audio application with dazzling success during confinement, finds itself in the penultimate position in the ranking, only 4% of respondents believe that the platform is important in the context of their work. The « hype » around Clubhouse seems to be slowly dying out, as the audio network finds itself facing strong competition from the dominant platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook or Spotify, which deploy similar functionalities: Twitter Spaces, Live audio Rooms…

According to the CMs surveyed, the 3 platforms that provide the best organic results are:

Instagram (35%)

Facebook (31%)

LinkedIn (25%)

Instagram therefore takes the lead this year ahead of Facebook. Another important result to highlight: the majority of CMs have noticed a drop in organic reach on Facebook over the past year (80%), but fewer of them feel this drop on Instagram (only 44%).

Following the ranking, we find Twitter in 4th position (3%), then TikTok (2%), Pinterest (2%) and YouTube (1%). Clubhouse, Snapchat and Twitch occupy the bottom three spots.