The way companies advertise today has changed. Today there is no need to have a huge budget to communicate and make yourself known.

There are a lot of techniques to speak up and emerge on the net.

Among them, let's look at influencers and more specifically influencers on Instagram.

Influencer ?

If we basically take the marketing definition

« […] An influencer is an individual who, through their status, position or media exposure, can influence consumer behavior in a given universe. This potential power or influence on consumption justifies the fact that brands and organizations seek to reach or collaborate more or less directly with influencers within the framework of specific marketing actions and devices. »

In fact it's very simple, influencers have a community of "fans", called "followers" who follow them on social networks (I'm focusing here only on the web, not to mention media influencers, politicians etc.) and they are therefore approached by brands because they can promote them.

They are bloggers, youtubers, instagramers…

Since the launch of Instagram, we have seen the appearance of many influencers in all possible and imaginable fields: sports coach who shares his lessons, chef who shares his recipes, cosmetics fan who shares his beauty routine...

An Instagram influencer is therefore someone who has an account followed by many people with posts that are liked and commented on.

These people have established real trust with their subscribers and this is what allows them to influence their consumption… The influencer ultimately develops word of mouth on a large scale.